Watch and Clock repair

Repair and maintain many types of watches and clocks

Welcome to my website!

I am Zoltán Oláh, watch repair specialist.

I studied the watchmaking profession in Jászberény city from uncle Lajos Spekonya. In 1965 I passed my apprenticeship examination and then I was employed as a young titan in the most famous fine mechanical factory of the country, MOM. After the compulsory military service I worked at the Clockmakers’ Cooperative. For 27 years, I practiced an activity that was not strictly speaking a watchmaker profession, but very close to it, in another field.

Since 1997, I am working as entrepreneur in Érd city, where I continue to build clocks, a business which I have not been able to dissuade myself from even after my retirement.

Zoltán Oláh Watch and clock repair specialist

Repair and maintain many types of watches and clocks

Wall clock repair
Pendulum clock repair
Watch repair
Pocket watch repair

Contact us for repair and service of the following types of watches:

  • mechanical
  • automatic
  • elektronic
  • elektromechanic
  • tuning forked
  • standing
  • desktop
  • alarm
  • wall
  • antique (restoration)
Watch repair service

General services

  • replacing straps
  • replacing glass
  • professional battery replacement
  • proof of water resistance including certificate with ALC-2000 water resistance tester